Hi, I'm Reed Kavner.

I'm a live comedy producer and internet creator in New York City. I love collaborating with creative people on projects that take dumb ideas very seriously or find some fun in the ordinary.

My work has been featured in places like The New York Times, The New Yorker, CNN, The Verge, Wikifeet and Buzzfeed.

Follow me on Twitter and Instagram, or get in touch at r@reed.me.

Live Shows

Live Shows - Schedule and Tickets

I produce live shows in New York City, including my long-running PowerPoint comedy show Next Slide Please. Other live productions have included the first series of Depths of Wikipedia shows and the multimedia solo show festival Projectorfest.

Digital Comedy

Low Tide - From Conch Public Radio

A scripted comedy podcast I produce alongside a team of comedy writers, performers, and other creatives. A parody of NPR shows like All Things Considered, Low Tide was named one of Indiewire's best podcasts of 2020.


An unscripted TV pilot I created for the New York Television festival, where it was selected as a TruTV Comedy Breakout finalist in 2018.

Zach Zimmerman's Clean Comedy

I worked with comedian Zach Zimmerman on the marketing and distribution of his album, Clean Comedy. Clean Comedy debuted at #1 on the iTunes comedy chart and was a top-10 Billboard comedy record.

Natasha Wears Clothes

A "comedic gallery experience" featuring original photos and character monologues from comedian Natasha Vaynblat.

Neil Cicierega "GIF Wall"

A chaotic interactive visualization for a preview party for Neil Cicierga's new album, Mouth Dreams. Built in collaboration with Em Lazer-Walker and Andy Baio.

Noodle Delight

A one-minute movie created by me and Mike Zakarian. An official selection of Quickie Fest 2019.

Fun Internet Projects

Crossword Puzzles

In 2022, I began constructing themed crossword puzzles. They've all been rejected by The New York Times despite being really good. A few of them are now available to play for free on Crosshare.org.

Allergies or a Cold?

A website that compares your area's pollen count with its cold and flu index to diagnose your runny nose. I may not be a doctor, but I do have a stethoscope.

Backwards Hangman

Inspired by the Bill Wurtz video of the same name, Backwards Hangman was created for Mark Vigeant's Internet Explorers and debuted before a live audience (including Bill Wurtz himself).

Fav Forever

Longtime Twitter users were upset when the company replaced the beloved "favorite" star with a heart icon. Three hours after the change, I released Fav Forever, a Chrome extension to bring the stars back. Mashable and The Verge wrote about the extension later that day.


Stephen Colbot is an AI trained on 1,100 monologues from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. It uses Open AI's GPT-2 language model to generate a new monologue every few hours.


A Twitter bot that describes movies using only the links in their Wikipedia plot summaries.


A Twitter bot that uses machine learning to generate fashion insights and advice. A collaboration with comedian/illustrator/podcaster Max Wittert.

Very Serious Internet Projects

Billboard Magazine

As Director of Product at Billboard, I led the development of digital products for our readers and editors, including a major redesign of the Billboard Charts in 2018. I also acted as a digital producer for editorial and sponsored initiatives like the magazine's open letter to congress and the Webby-nominated Back to the Block series.


I built Rezhound to help me get tables at the country's toughest-to-book restaurants and to teach myself to program in Python. It gained a loyal following of foodie fans and was featured everywhere from Gizmodo to The New York Times.


Discover must-listen episodes from the best podcasts. A collaboration with The Daily producer Mooj Zadie and a small army of volunteer curators.

The New Forker

An interactive map of restaurants reviewed in The New Yorker’s Tables for Two column from 2005-2015. One New Yorker editor called it "cool dataviz" and "copyright infringement." The magazine has since built their own map that picks up where this project left off.