Hi. I'm Reed.

I build products with personality that make people's lives easier or just a bit more fun. I'm currently on the product team at SET Media and working on projects like Rezhound on the weekend.

Away from the computer, I cook vegetables, do improv, mentor students at BUILD in East Oakland, and serve on the board of The Sunbeam Foundation.

My Work (and Play)


Product Manager

StarMaker is a karaoke-style singing game and talent discovery platform. The flagship StarMaker app and its sister app The Voice: On Stage are enjoyed by over 20 million aspiring pop stars around the world.


Side Project

I built Rezhound to help me get tables at San Francisco's toughest-to-book restaurants and to teach myself Python. It has since gained a loyal following of foodie fans and has been featured everywhere from Gizmodo to The New York Frickin' Times.

SET by Conversant

Senior Product Manager

At SET Media (now a part of Conversant), my team built a suite of video ad reporting tools to demonstrate to clients the power (and sheer coolness) of SET's computer vision and machine learning technology that matches ads with relevant videos.


Head of Product

Piggybackr is a crowdfunding platform designed specifially for groups and small organizations: think classrooms, sports leagues, or volunteer clubs. Piggybackr helps groups achieve their fundraising goals by keeping leaders informed, members motivated, and donors engaged.

Dots and Murmurs

Stupid Side Project

The New Yorker insists on placing a dieresis over the second letter in a set of double vowels in words like "coƶperate." I'm not a fan (and I'm not alone). So I created a Chrome extension that wipes the online version of the magazine clean of those distracting little dots.


Really Stupid Side Project

One of the greatest Saturday Night Live characters of the last decade was Bill Hader's Stefon. Stefon payed his last regular visit to the Weekend Update desk in 2013, but thanks to the Stefon-a-Tron, we'll always have a resource to find New York's hottest club.

Let's Talk

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